Kammatipaadam movie review by audience .


Harikumar M ‎@harikumarhbk #Kammatipaadam 1st Half Story Developing.. 2nd Half Racy and Excellent Climax.Good Performance !! Kiduzzz To #RajeevRavi !!
Rating : 3.5/5

Ajmal Roshan #
kammatipaadam kandu
adipolii pakkaa ‪#‎realistic_movie‬
kunjikkaa maranaa acting , hatsoff perfomance by ‪#‎vinayakan‬
for me its a good movie (8/10)
Aaarokke endhokke paranjaalum kammatipaadathe pilleru polichuuuu

Vivek K ‏#
After a slow start #Kammatipaadam reached half way with good action, emotional scenes.. Typical Rajeev Ravi movie till now..

Fai Zee#
‪#‎KAMMATIPAADAM‬ -This is not Dulquer movie, this is not a Mass movie…. This is a RAJEEV RAVI movie… !!! Please do watch his previous flick’s and do watch this movie only if you liked his way of making which will be a slow pace and lagging direction by creating a realistic movie experience !!!
So please watch this movie only if you liked his previous flicks… !! Don’t watch or drop this movie by reading -ve and +ve reviews… Watch the movie if you love the making of RAJEEV RAVI….. Or else please stay away !!!

Vivek Ranjit #
‪#‎Kammatipaadam‬ is brilliant, gritty and super-gripping despite the slow pace. The first half is a cracker. Second half is in the dark zone.