Keeping Children Safe Online Some important points to remember

Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online

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Keeping Children Safe Online

The world of internet is very informative and  valuable .The internet is one of the greatest benefits accruing from  technology  in the 21st century..Now a days internet become a daily routine .Like any other thing, the internet has both good and bad sides. Anyone can exploit the aspect he wants. The internet  serves useful purposes for all classes of people. One should acquire computer skills and then, use it  to one’s advantage.Without internet the world is nothing .

When a child is using your computer some unique risks are associated with it

When a child is using your computer, normal safeguards and security practices may not be sufficient.They will give us some more challenges because of their natural characteristics innocence, curiosity, desire for independence, and fear of punishment.You need to consider these characteristics when determining how to protect your data and the child.
We may think that child is only playing game or typing some assignments or anything else he or she can’t cause any harm.But what if, when saving her paper, the child deletes a necessary program file? Or what if she unintentionally visits a malicious web page that infects your computer with a virus? .These are just two possible scenarios.Mistakes happen but the child may not realize it or may not tell us because she’s afraid of getting punished

Most of the cases Children quickly falls into the trap of online predators.(It is questionable whether internet predators are actually a threat to children.Most online sex offenders are young adults who target teens and seduce victims into sexual relationships.They take time to develop the trust and confidence of teens, so the teens see these relationships as romances or sexual adventures).Because they are more open and trusty.and very easier to become such targets.Even Adult people falls in their traps then what about children think about it.

Another main problem is Cyber bullying.This type of threats can cause very bad impact in their mind.these became worse if a child access to any instant messaging programs or any social networking sites or email etc.Do you know what is cyber bullying (actions that use information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm another or others.)

We can do something to prevent such incident

Try to involve in  his/her activities;whether it be playing game,searching any topics related to her study.This will helps us to give good advice in our child’s online activities and helps learning her good computer habits
Next thing is very important ie:
Keep your computer in an open area thus you can watch his/her computer/online activites.and we can easily intervene if you notice a behavior that could have negative consequences.
Make some special rules and regulations and let her know about the dangerous activities in the internet.Tak to him/ her in detail about internet frauds;and make sure your child knows about the boundaries of what she is allowed to do on the computer.Remember this boundaries should suitable for his/her age,knowledge,and maturity.and includ a time frame for computer usage.

Be aware of what your child is doing on the computer, including which websites she is visiting.etc.
This is very important.Keep lines of communication open – Let your child know that she can approach you with any questions or concerns about behaviors or problems she may have met on the computer.
Tell them about the dangers of computer-sex offenders.
Consider partitioning your computer into separate accounts – Most operating systems give you the option of creating a different user account for each user. If you’re worried that your child may accidentally access, modify, and/or delete your files, you can give her a separate account and decrease the amount of access and number of privileges she/he has.