Keyword Density, Does keyword density really matter for better ranking of a website or blog


Hi friends,Today i am gonna talk a little bit about Keyword density and how it will affect Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and ranking. when we discuss about keyword density we have to focus about some factors..

  •     Is it really important in seo field
  •     what is keyword density ?,
  •     How it’ll affect the ranking of a particular website.

Before talking about all those stuff. we want to talk something about the writing style of bloggers. I already told that blogging is a passion. Other words please do it with a passion.for example if you write anything which is very interested and you liked to share those things with others. Then you write it in normal way. You will start it with an introduction and after you describe it in detail with the essential data that will support the matter. Which is more  helpful for the readers to understand the subject easily. Finally you will conclude it in style. In this case you have enough data and knowledge to write an article.  You are confident in your article. In such condition, Do you try to insert any particular word or words related to your subject in an artificial manner ?. Of course not,because you know that it will annoyed the readers.

But imagine if you are not aware of the subject well and you want to write an article for some purpose especially money; then may be you will collect some data from somewhere else and change it here and there and do some malpractice. Generally Keyword stuffing because there is a myth that , if we add more keyword to the post it will ranked well. Their have so many percentage calculations for finding keyword density.

Take this two conditions in Our matter of discussion ‘Keyword density’. In the first condition there is no need for extra manipulation and addition of any word or words in the article . Because it is naturally rich with keyword,because if you are write anything related to particular topic quite naturally those word will be repeated here and there in the article. But in the second condition the things are not like that. The so called article is already insufficient in data and valuable contents. But you want to get maximum traffic from search engine. So you find some tricky ways to succeed; that is keyword stuffing (ie, inserting keywords in the article repeatedly and artificially)

Now you can Understand Keyword density easily

Keyword density means the percentage of the main keyword with respect to the entire word count of full post (articles). For example if you write articles related to ‘adsense’. Your article have total 500 words when we calculating the amount of keyword . we found it 50 then the density of Keyword is 10%.

Yeah, now the point is that,

  •     Is there any exact percentage for keyword density that we want to follow,
  •     Is there any special rules from Google for maintaining a particular percentage of keyword density .

The answer from my knowledge is Of course not. There is not any such percentages. But the amount of keyword matters , and the same time there is not any type of special formulas for that. The only available formula is write the article in normal way (Keep in mind amount of keyword is matter. you can use keywords but it’s related to how long your articles, for example your articles have total of 100 word and your keyword present 40 times then what is the sense. what is your point,which point you are trying to establishing there,think about it) . After completing the article just read it or say someone else to read it. If he feels anything artificial or he feels you are intentionally adding some words again and again then make it sure your keyword density is very high.That will really affect your search engines ranking

How high Keyword density affect your search engine ranking.

That’s little funny, The thing you did for better ranking may hit back you badly. This happens because of Google algorithm update. People widely did keyword stuffing for better ranking . For finding such Spam actions . Google continuously update their algorithms with latest features and it will found your bad tricks and remove your site from google search.

“OK I got the point But still i have a doubt”. How i find if my keyword density is high or not

OK, i feels this is not a good idea; if you understand what i mean above then there is no need for this method. But may be someone needs it.

There are few site’s and tools which tells your keyword density is good or bad. if you use WordPress for making your website or blog,you can useWordPress SEO by Yoast to find keyword density

Finally i would like to say only one thing, it’s not a big matter; write your article in normal style,try to make it unique, maintain good quality that’s all.Good Luck.