Kids eat more vegetables after nutrition lessons-Latest study finds


We know that vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet,but our kids dont know this fact,They usually  hate vegetables,and other nutritional foods.Nutritional food is very important for young children .The lack of nutritional foods leads serious health problems in children.Parents worry when their children do not eat vegetables.Now a new study brings an easy solution for this crisis
The latest research conducted by researchers from Stanford University,shows that Kids eat more vegetables after nutrition lessons.Psychologists Sarah Gripshover and Ellen Markman  from Stanford university found that teaching children the importance of healthy foods and why their bodies need a variety of foods drives kids to voluntarily eat more vegetables.
According to the researchers people often assume that explanation of complex abstract concepts will be too confusing for young children, But children have a natural curiosity and want to understand how things work.
They created  five story books that pointed out key concepts about food  food and nutrition, including the importance of variety, how digestion works, the different food groups, characteristics of nutrients, and how nutrients help the body function.
A different book was read each week in two preschool classrooms during snack time for about three months while two other classrooms had snack time as usual.
Later, the children, aged 4 to 5, were asked questions about food, nutrition and bodily functions to assess their grasp of the concepts outlined in the books.
After this study Researchers  found that the children who had heared the nutrition books more than doubled their voluntary intake of vegetables during snack time after the intervention. The amount of veggies eaten by the children who didn’t hear the books stayed about the same.
Knowledge of digestion and the role nutrients play in the body was also more likely among the children who had heard the books. This method boosted vegetable consumption by preschooler By conductiong this research the researchers pointed out some fact that healthy eating needs unique and dedicated approch “There is no magic bullet to encourage healthy eating in young children,”