KL10 Pathu malayalam movie Review

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KL pathu is a romantic comedy movie directed by debutante  Muhsin parari.Unnimukundan plays the lead role in the movie Ahamed a
real Malappuram villager who is deeply in love with the game football and also sadiya  .Debutante Chandini sreedhar plays the role of sadiya an architect. The movie KL 10 pathu tells a typical malappuram story,in this movie completely uses typical Malappuram slang that is very important and effective for creating a relation with the Malappuram’s culture and lifestyle,director Muhsin did it very well  ,But the same time it causes some confusion among audience due to the understanding problem.

Ahamed and Sadiya are in deep love but their family opposes their relationship .So Ahamed elopes with her but the same time Ahamed and his team mates have to play an important match,Meantime Ahamad’s family and some other people follow the couple to track them down. As an actor Unni mukundan improved a lot,after the horrible  “Samarajyam 2 on of Alaxandar” movie “KL pathu” is a nice comeback for unni mukundan.Saiju Kurup,Aju Vargeese Neeraj Madhavn,Sreenath Bhasi are doing a great job , There is not any wonder in this movie also this is not a great movie , but the story telling style and the narration of the culture and life style of a place like Malappuram may really enjoys you a lot ,Muhsin parari did  a great work in his first movie.Don’t expect too much just go for the movie ,it will surely satisfy you.

KL 10 Pathu Malayalam movie review (Malayalam)



Cast and Crew

Directed by Muhsin Parari
Produced by Alexander Mathew,Satheesh Mohan,LJ Films
Written by Muhsin Parari
Starring Unni Mukundan
Chandini Sreedharan
Saiju Kurup
Aju Varghese
Sreenath Bhasi
Music by Bijibal
Cinematography Vishnu Narayan
Edited by Manoj
Distributed by LJ Films
Release dates
  • July 18, 2015