Lack of fish in diet may cause high level of anxiety in pregnant women

fish in diet for pregenant women

Latest study reveals that women who do not eat enough fish during pregnancy are more likely to experience high level of anxiety at that time.Researchers from Children of the 90s at the University of Bristol and the Federal University of Rio de Janiero, Brazil, have found a link between the types of diet eaten, particularly whether this includes fish, and anxiety in pregnancy.According to them eating fish during pregnancy could help for reducing stress levels

Acoording to researchers most of the pregnant women facing different types of stress and anxiety.but excessive anxiety is not good for mother’s health and can result in their baby being born prematurely and/or having a low birth weight.

Researchers from the University of Bristol conducted the study of more than 9,500 pregnant women categorised their diets by the frequency with which different types of foods were eaten.The researchers found that women who never ate seafood had a 53 percent greater likelihood of having high levels of anxiety at 32 weeks of pregnancy when compared to women who ate seafood regularly.

An important message from this research is that in order to have a healthy pregnancy, women need to follow a healthy diet and not something special for pregnancy. It means a diet containing whole cereals, vegetables, salad, fruit, dairy foods, meat, poultry, pulses and including fish – three portions per week with at least one of oily fish, such as salmon, sardine or tuna. Sweets and fast-foods should be kept to a minimum because they are low in nutrients.”

Dr Pauline Emmett, senior dietician at Children of the 90s said: “It is possible, but not proved, that this association with fish is due to the omega-3 fatty acid content of the fish. For vegetarians there are dietary sources of omega-3 fatty acids especially flax oils, algae oils and nuts and seeds such as walnuts. There are also products such as omega-3 eggs and milk on the market which they could choose. Some vegetarians are happy to eat fish from time to time, and we would encourage this especially as we are not sure what ingredient in fish is the most effective.”

Previous research from Children of the 90s has shown the beneficial effects of eating oily fish during pregnancy on a child’s IQ and eyesight.

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Lack of fish in diet may cause high level of anxiety in pregnant women