latest robotic wonder “Robo Sally” can mimic human capabilities

robo-sally robot

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory recently create a better, smarter, and more powerful robot that can operate in the thorniest of situations, and in the most humanlike fashion possible.

Robo Sally can mimick human capabilities with remotely based operator.Robo Sally is the nickname for the Lab’s Bimanual Dexterous Robotic Platform program that focuses on mimicking human capabilities with a remotely based operator.The main goal of this advanced robotic system is that the operator can control all the necessary actions,manipulations and tasks at a safe distance in harmful or dangerous situations like explosive ordnance disposal or investigation of a chemical or biological threat.

Robosally in action

This Robo can easily perform very risky tasks that is very dangerous or harmful for a human operator such as a maintenance person at a nuclear reactor or a sentry at a checkpoint etc

APL( Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory) began working in 2007 with what it calls “human
capabilities projection” to remove the human from the hazardous environment At the first stage of development in this type of robot it can only perform some basic operations such as
picking up an object, and had to be controlled every step (or tire tread) of the way .but its hand n
features haptic feedback with the help of a series of sensors and accuators that allow the robot to feel

APL has since developed a tactile feedback device to send these signals back to the user when performing telemanipulation tasks such as picking up an item and knowing what force to apply to grasp it.

“We wanted Robo Sally to be tactile, for the robot to physically interact and sense the environment,” says  Matthew Johannes, project manager for the Lab’s Modular Prosthetic Limb system and co-principal investigator on the Human Capabilities Projection IR&D (internal research and development) program.


Latest robo sally can be controlled  thorough  a large veriety of control systems from conventional and advanced “joysticks” to human motion mapping.from conventional and advanced “joysticks” to human motion mapping. Depending on conditions, the human operator can be as far as a half mile away to control the robot, which can travel at speeds of up to 20 miles an hour.For legs, Robo Sally’s torso can be attached to Segway wheels, a military-fielded PackBot mobility platform, or a four-wheeled Synbotics platform

Robosally in action

The APL team now wants to reduce Robo Sally’s cognitive load by leveraging recently developed autonomous and semiautonomous manipulation and mobility techniques.Thus this robot can enhanced obstacle it knows to move around objects (a rock, a wall) in its path.With the help of this robots computer eye view of the world the human operator can easily manage and can simply tell to the robot to pick up an object grab a tool ,or move something and a lot of task more.

Robosally picking bomb

Logical clients for the project would be the Department of Defense and law enforcement agencies. The work has also helped establish APL’s role in the Navy-funded Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic System program,

Robo Sally can work on bomb disposal, chemical leaks, security checkpoints, or whatever else is needed. She also might one day become nurse Sally.

Image and Video credit :jhuapl(Official youtube channel for Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory)