Legend Bruce Lee Comes Back to Life in Johnnie Walker Ad

bruce-lee in new ad

Once again the one and only martial arts legend Bruce lee comes back to life in Johnnie walker Blue Label ad.Lee died 40 years ago.But technology re creates his face expression almost everything without any change. The legend appeared in a a 90 second commercial ad for whiskey purveyor Johnnie Walker .The latest iteration of the Johnnie Walker Keep Walking campaign sees the brand partnering with game changers who exemplify the Keep Walking spirit. In this instance, the work heroes Bruce Lee.

Johnie walker company says that many people only know Bruce Lee, the martial artist. This film introduces us to Lee the philosopher. The water metaphor ties back to his thinking on instincts – applied both to martial arts and life, encapsulated in his famous quotation, ‘Be Water My Friend.According to the director Joseph Kahn, he and his team try to give complete honour to the legendary actor, for this they consulting lee’s family especially his daughter Shannon Lee at the time of shooting and post production works.’

The film starts with reflecting on a projection of the original 1971 interview.This commercial ad directed by award-winning Joseph Kahn, using a remarkable way of storytelling that utilizes spectacular Computer Graphics technology engineered by the famous production company named The Mill.
This video initially shot with an actor in Hongkong Danny chan he is visually very much similar to bruce lee that footage blended with a 3d model of  lee’s old interviews,films,photos etc.Every shot of lee’s face was created with Computer-generated imagery (CGI) for perfection.This is really a lengthy process. The work is done by BBH China.post production/VFX works done by a company named Mill.The Mill helps Johnnie Walker, BBH China and director Joseph Kahn bring martial arts master Bruce Lee back to the screen.