Loham Movie Review – Live Audience Response


Loham Movie Review  (Critics) 
Loham gives so much expectations; It is possible to fails to satisfy their peoples so called  expectations. But it is already known that Loham is not the so called Action thriller movie as fans expected .Because few days before the movie got released ,Director Renjith himself stated that Loham is a not an action thriller movie as  Lal’s Fans expected

Loham is a nice experiment that brilliantly filled suspense till the end of the movie.People mainly Mohanlal Fans always expecting thrilling action scenes and punch dialogues from Renjith Mohanlal duo,But in that sense Loham is not so much engaging. But if we seems as a nice entertainer with an exciting climax ,and wanted to keep the momentum throughout the movie,then Loham Succeeded.But the over expectation may leads to misunderstandings of movie’s plot.There may be chances that most of them don’t get the actual story ,what the movie about ,How the story progressing..so many doubts.so Before going to watch the movie .keep one thing in mind that if you missed a single dialogues or scenes from the movie. Then there is chances to loss your momentum and it leads to get vague idea about the movie and may arises so many unwanted questions. How that happened ? ,Who is those guys ?.Where is the gold ?. How they get it ?. etc.So concentrate on each and every scenes ,you will surely get thrilled

Movie Loham Revolves around the issue of gold Smuggling in kerala.It clearly shows the worst nature of such black hat businesses, and how it affect innocence life badly. Ranjith added some ingredients fun and mystery  to Mohanlal’s character. A nice blend of comedy and seriousness and actions. Lal’s character yet to be named,that’s a funny thing, no one can’t clearly says the name of the lead actor’s Character after seeing the full movie. Renjith cleverly added a funny nature to the main character of the movie for making the story telling so easy and unquestionable .He brilliantly sow things in the starting scenes for making the upcoming scenes more engaging and challenging.Performance of actor Siddique as Muhammed Unni is outstanding. Lead actress Andrea Jeremiah don’t have to do much,but still her performance is charming. Mythili did her scenes perfectly.Just like Premam Soubin shahir gave his best performance in couple of scenes,which is capable to make us laughter.

Totally Loham is surely a watchable movie with tricky twists .But needs little more concentration for the clear understanding of  main plot.
Audience Live Review

Loham Movie got mixed response from the audience after first show completed. Few days before the trailer was published but Many of Mohanlal Fans are not so happy with the trailer but the latest reports suggest that,it’s a well to reduce the hype and over expectation.Recently director Renjith says that No expect a movie Like Ravanaprabhu and Aaraam Thamburan ,these are Mohanlal’s Superhit movies.
Loham Movie Live Audience Response.

Live From theater : – 164 seat theater
70 -says average | 35 says Superb..Kalakki | 30 says bad movie | 29 No comments..)


We got some Audience responses from nearby theaters…

Raju : – Climax is Predictable,but an average movie
Jishad : #Loham 1st half was too good and the 2nd half was average and predictable. One time watchable. 2.5/5
Akash: – #loham : – Second Half is Bore
Sujith Cherukunnu : – Weak story
Shezri Nazz Disappointed again and lalettan flying to Colombo

Anoop : kuzhappam ella
Navas : kollam adipoli$
Viishnu APZ : average
oru ozhikkan matta, rasama padam
Sreeraj k s : polinja padam
Renjith : average aanu#
Pratheesh kallada :oh kandottirikkam
Vishnu G :lalettan thannae thannae @ first half thakathu
Akhil nair : first sceen apperance marana mass….
Renju Das :pidichirithi,lalettan sidikku ekka polichu

Loham Movie theater response

#Loham Average Wachable Slow Paced Movie Laletten Gud Average Script and Direction 2.5/5 Strictly Average Mixed Wom

Devan : Average

Anuraj: Movie rocks

Aravind and Family : Bore film

Athul George : Another master piece from Ranjith sir..!! Must watch

Sree Raj: – Loham

■ Ranjiettante oru making style thanne maari poyi
■ lalettan minnichu
■ Ranji panikar abu salim powlichu
■ kunjunni s kumar camera man oru rakshayumillatha angles
■ action movie allel polum oru pakka mass entertainer aane loham
■ big suspence for u
My Rating : 3.5/5 (it’s my individual rating )

Faisal Feyzee : first half super secnd half kaivitu nnalum almst avrge

Loham rev