Long-term Night shift work cause Breast cancer.

Night Shift and Breast cancer
Night Shift and Breast cancer

This will be a sad news for our respected Nurses but according to the couple of studies conducted by European Researchers it is confirmed that Long term night shifts that’s a part of a Nurse’s carrier may double the chances for developing of Breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that forms in tissues of the breast.Long-term night shifts cause Breast cancer in women,the report is based on a study that who worked the night shift for 30 years or more.According to researchers in Canada, Breast cancer involves the hormone melatonin.Night shift workers have lower levels of melatonin because light environment reduce production of this hormone.night shift workers going from a day environment to an artificial light environment at night.It Could Cause Reproductive Health and Fertility Problems in Women

Canadien Researchers examined around 1,134 women with breast cancer and 1,179 women of the same age without the disease.During their research they found that women who work in professions that demands night shifts for a long term may have twice as high a risk of breast cancer.Researchers examined their duty time working patterns main activities and hospital record for analyzing and found that those who had worked nights for 30 or more years were twice as likely to have developed the disease,and also there is an amazing factor is that by considering potentially influential factors,the number woman who develops breast cancer is low if they are in the category where their period of shift works lower than 30 years.

Dr Jane Green, clinical epidemiologist at the University of Oxford, said, “The finding of an increased risk of breast cancer in women with a long history of shift work adds to similar results from some previous studies, but does not change the existing consensus: that while there is some evidence to associate increased risk of breast cancer with very long term shift work, the evidence is not yet sufficient to be sure and certainly not sufficient to give a public health message about working shifts.”

” Anjelina Julie(Hollywood actress)was also a breast cancer patient “