Malayalam Film stars speaks about superstardom.


Malayalam stars speaks about superstardom.super star mammoottymohanlal super starpridvi raj ,fagath bhasil,nivinpauli

Superstardom.The word which most commonly related to movie industry.In Mollywood the affection towards the word is little more powerful compared to other states film industry.Also the word makes too much controversies.In Malayalam industry when we spoke about super stardom two names always come forward , Mammootty and Mohanlal Two Legendary actors in Indian Cinema.Of course we can call them superstars.In addition to the praises they word superstars given them so many problems throughout their career.There are always rumors flooding all around that they run the entire industry according to their will,there is no chance to a new comer ,But these are silly rumors .

Here is the some of the most interesting responses from some of the leading actors of Malayalam industry(Mollywood)

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In 1995 Megastar Mammootty says in an interview on Asianet News Channel [pull_quote_center]”I am always interested and Happy to known as a Best actor more than a Superstar,I am always tried to carry out that goal,Never think i am a super,i am just a common man like you all.”[/pull_quote_center]

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In the same year super star mohanlal also spoke in an interview to the same news channel about Super stardom.According to Mohanlal [pull_quote_center]”This is not the first time an actor became super star.It is already happened in the past.Once a new actor came into this place then I have to leave and so on.But still i am thinking that there is not any peculiarities in this place.Yesterday some one today i got this position tomorrow someone else hold this “[/pull_quote_center]

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rithviraj Sukumaran
According to Young Superstar Prithviraj [pull_quote_center]” i am not interested in these things.We have to reach a film industry where there is no super stars.What about Hollywood.Who is the superstar of Hollywood.But Unfortunately i am also reaching to it.Prithvi adds”[/pull_quote_center]

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ahad Faazil
Another Leading actor in the Mollywood industry Fahad Faazil said to Mathrubhumi Tv during an interview According to hime [pull_quote_center]”The hardest thing is to keep up the star title,i am not sure about the future possibility of stardom,try to be an actor.”[/pull_quote_center]

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ivin Pauly
Actor Nivin Pauly spoke about superstardom ,According to him [pull_quote_center]”i am not even think about it,recently someone compare me with legendary actor mohanlal,Please understand one thing i cant even touch the shadow of Mohanlal sir; even after doing 100 movies.”[/pull_quote_center]