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We heard more about female virginity ? What is your opinion about male virginity Test ?. We think there is no way to prove male virginity .But it is possible now (not a 100% proven scientific methods),But there are some scientific (not 100 % sure) methods to know the virginity of men. In HANOI, Vietnam , Male ‘Virginity Test’ Helps Free Three Men Accused Of Rape .Traditional medicine practitioner “Pham Thi Hong” (Acupuncturist) started lobbying for the men’s release, pleading their case all the way to the president, because she believes all three men are virgins and therefore could not be guilty of rape.

How Can You Tell if a Guy is a Virgin? is it possible?

“They all had small red spots on the back of their ears,If they had had sex ,the spots should have disappeared” said Hong.

But there is an important point to remember that it is not a 100% proven scientific method,and also there will be another method according to some sources but it’s also like the above test ,and it also don’t have any 100% scientific proofs,and we will never recommend any of this ways

” How do you check if a male is a virgin ” , Is male virginity detectable?

Literally there is no method.detecting male virginity is a tough task ,but According to this method for checking men’s virginity  the only way is his sex organ .At the lower part of the sex organ is connected with very thin skin which separates out at the time of its enlargement but the thin attachment remains.but if the enlargement is because of any forced action there has a chance to detach this attachment this may be happening at the time of sexual intercourse  ,that’s why some people thinking about this will be an effective methods for checking male virginity. If that attachment breaks the skin easily separate out. May be this will be more acceptable than the other one,

But we are not sure about this because till now we don’t have any scientific explanations and proof about this method,and also it may happen in other occasions also. In the Islamic religion there have a religious ritual that they do circumcision.In such cases also we can’t adopt the second method for male virginity test.So One thing is sure that still now there no authentic tests for detecting male virginity just like female virginity test.

Circumcision Some Important points

According to a research published by British Journal of Urology (BJU) International circumcision decreases the sensitivity of the Male sex organ by as much as 75% .According to the research the foreskin is the most sensitive part of the male sex organ. As a result of circumcision  the most sensitive part in the organ removed.But we can’t say stop this , because it is a religious rituals.

Read More about this Research

What is  Circumcision?
Circumcision is the surgical removal of the sleeve of skin and mucosal tissue that normally covers the glans (head) of the Male sex organs ie, the penis. This double layer, sometimes called the prepuce, is more commonly known as the foreskin.


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