Mercedes-Benz adds QR codes to save car crash victims


Mercedes-Benz adds a new stunning feature to their cars they wants to make the rescue of accident victims safer and swifter.In future a QR code, which can be read by smartphones and tablets, placed on Mercedes-Benz cars, will provide a rescue map for every vehicle type, which can be shown on the device’s display. This chart contains all the information necessary to rescue any injured occupants speedily.

The sheets show firefighters, police and paramedics the design details they need to know in order to use the rescue shears effectively, for example. The rescue sheet, specific for each vehicle type, also informs about the location of the airbags, the battery, the tanks, electric cables, high-pressure cylinders and other components – in the case of hybrid models the location of the additional batteries and high-voltage cables, too. This information can save lives, because in an emergency every action counts and every second is precious.

Because Most of the accident cases dely of rescue caused severe damage and even death to the passangers.This New QR codes will help the rescue workers have to do their best.Most of the cases the car owners/drivers simply neglect to carry a rescue sheets(manual) in the car.There are different proposals for the best location for the rescue sheet. Most favour the sun visor

QR code that can save lives

As from this year all new vehicles from Mercedes-Benz will be provided with two stickers with a so-called QR code. This square symbol with black and white sectors is often used by magazines, for instance, to direct readers via internet to a specific web page. Thanks to an app, QR codes can be read by every smartphone and every Tablet equipped with a camera.

All automakers can continue to update their own rescue sheet links themselves and thus use the QR system to advantage, because Mercedes-Benz has waived the right to a patent registration in order to make the system available to everyone