Microchips modeled on Human Brain is faster than a typical computer.

Neurogrid chip

Neurogrid chip


Stanford university Bio engineers created a powerful circuit board modeled on Human brain.This new circuit board opening up new frontiers in robotics and computing.This new Circuit board is 9000 faster and uses less power than a typical PC.Scientist expect that this new device will helps Prosthetic limbs  to be controlled by a single chip which can decode and understand brain signals

This new microchip called “Neurogrid”,modeled on the human brain which is faster and efficient than a typical computer.”Neurogrid”is a brain-inspired computational platform which can  stimulate the activity of one million neurons in a real time. This new circuit board having the size of an IPad consisting of 16 custom-designed “Neurocore” chips.As compared to the other brain mimics “Neurogrid” can simulate orders of magnitude more neurons and synapses than other brain mimics on the power it takes to run a tablet computer.

According to the leading scientist Boahen from Stanford University (Boahen and his team have developed Neurogrid)”The human brain, with 80,000 times more neurons than Neurogrid, consumes only three times as much power,Achieving this level of energy efficiency while offering greater configurability and scale is the ultimate challenge neuromorphic engineers face.”

The National Institutes of Health funded development of this million-neuron prototype with a five-year Pioneer Award,No they are ready to start the next level.More than just modeling they are trying to make it realistic because of its Vast uses and amazing capabilities With the help of other scientist from Stanford University Boahen and his team trying to develop prosthetic limbs for paralyzed people that would be controlled by a Neurocore-like chip.That will be a great step in medical field also

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