Most Popular Malayalam Romantic Movies




Here is the list of Most Popular Romantic Movies in Malayalam Film Industry till date.If you Love Romantic Movies then you must watch these awesome Movies.There are 21 movies in the list but the list included a total of 25 movies,this is because some movies shares the same ranking position with other for example, In the list the third position is shared by three most popular Malayalam Romantic movies,and the fourth position is also shared by three movies.
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1 Ennu Ninte Moideen

Ennu Ninte Moideen is one of the most successful and popular Romantic movie released in the year 2015.The Movie is based on a real life story,The movie brilliantly portrayed the deepest feelings of an evergreen love story.The Love between Kanchanamala and BP Moideen.This is a tragic love story but the love remain unchanged,because the Heroine Kanchanamala is still living with the Memories of Moideen,and sacrifice her entire life for her love after the death of BP Moideen.They Suffer lot of troubles from their families because they were members of two very popular and very rich families and also from two different religion,Kanchanamala is a Hindu and Moideen was a Muslim,The story happened in 1960s in Mukkam Kozhikode,Kerala.At that time such an inter religious marriage is not so familiar ,their parents were close friends, but still they stood against their love affair mainly because of the society.

After Moideen’s accidental death Kanchanamala lives even now after all these years in Moideen’s house and is known as the unmarried widow of Moideen.,After the release he Movie Ennu Ninte Moideen get highly positive reviews from both the critics and audiences.,and became the Most popular Romantic movies in Malayalam ,written and Directed by RS Vimal. If you are in love or if you are going to love someone then Never forget to watch this movie