No need to use baby powder on babies-American Academy of Pediatrics


American Academy of Pediatrics says ‘Baby powder can cause breathing problems and serious lung damage.Baby powder’s main use is for powdering a baby to prevent diaper rash.It prevents skin irritation. But new study reveals that there is no evidence to prove baby powder good for our babies health.Most health professionals didn’t support to use baby powder,including the American Academy of Pediatrics.

There is an increasing tendency to use baby powder. But now studies reveal that our beliefs are wrong. American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends against it. According to them there is not any scientific proof that baby powder may help to prevent or care for diaper rash or any kind of skin problems. A recent report says that over a 25 cases of talcum powder aspiration the mortality (Death) rate is shocking almost 20%


According to Health professionals the best direction to prevent diaper rash. In each diaper change you must clean and pat dry your baby’s bottom part. and after that apply a very slight layer of protective cream or ointment


Anyhow, if you are persistent in using Powder; according to famous pediatricians use safer cornstarch-based product, and
likewise, you must more careful about it’s handling. shake powder with your hand away from your child, Never directly apply
into the infant body. Always kept out the powder bottle from your baby’s reach