The New Faster Lighter Nimbuzz for Blackberry


Tap the Nimbuzz icon on your mobile screen and in no time you’re all connected and ready to catch up with your friends and family. The thought does sound intriguing and what would be better is that even after hours of conversations, your phone battery shows no signs of drainage.

The Exisiting Nimbuzz for Blackberry has gone through a massive upgrade and became more fast and you can enjoy more consisitant and paced conversations without having worry about the battery life.According to Nimbuzz development team the new Nimbuzz is a lot faster than most of the messaging applications available in several app stores across the now became lot lighter which means battery consumption will no longer be a matter of worry.And also it now became perfected for better connectivity in such areas where the internet connection isn’t the greatest.Another Major advantage is that this application will also support phone number varification which means you can find all your phonebook contacts on Nimbuzz with a couple of clicks

The new Nimbuzz for Blackberry is equipped with a host of new features while ensuring your favourites from the previous version are intact.

Why you should Upgrade to the new NIMBUZZ for Blackberry? (What’s new in this version? )

•Fastest mobile messaging application in the ecosystem
•Lighter application which means improved battery life
•Phone book integration
•Enhanced reliability in message sending due to queuing of messages in offline state
•Phone Number Verification
•Redesigned Nimbuzz UI (tabbed design) for ease of use
•Introducing bubble chat and a separate chat listing for quick access
•Enhanced performance: Faster loading of contact list, high speed file transfer
•Introducing Phone Number Verification: Enables auto-connect your close buddies and provide friend
suggestions. Also, you may retrieve your password on your verified phone number

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