Novel coronavirus(nCoV) threat – it needs a Global Alert


Novel coronavirus-The emergence of this new coronavirus virus is globally recognized as an important major challenge for all of the countries which have been affected as well as the rest of the world.According to World Health Organization( WHO ) THe New Novel Coronavirus infection found Globally, from September 2012 to date, WHO has been informed of a total of 43 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with nCoV, including 21 deaths. Several countries in the Middle East have been affected. They are Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Cases have also been reported by four additional countries: France, Germany, Tunisia and the United Kingdom. All of the cases have had a direct or indirect connection to the Middle East, including two cases with recent travel history from the UAE. In France and the United Kingdom, there has been limited local transmission among close contacts who had not been to the Middle East but had been in contact with a traveler who recently returned from the Middle East.

To date, a total of 22 patients including 10 deaths have been reported from this outbreak in the Eastern part of Saudi Arabia

According to WHO The disease is caused by a virus from a group called coronaviruses. SARS virus is also from this same family .this virus has infected people since 2012 but till now WHO don’t know anything about it.where it lives ?,how are people getting infected? Is it from animals? Is it from contaminated surfaces? Is it from other people?.don’t know how widespread is this virus, both in this region and in other countries.

when people get infected, many of them develop severe pneumonia.most of the persons who have been infected so far have been older men, often with other medical conditions.when there is close contact this novel coronavirus can transmit from person-to-person.

Novel coronavirus(nCoV) threat

According to WHO At this time several urgent actions are needed.The most important ones are the need for countries, both inside and outside of the region, to increase their levels of awareness among all people but especially among staff working in their health systems and to increase their levels of surveillance about this new infection.WHO demands that when any countries reported this infection ;it is critical for countries to report these cases and related information urgently to WHO as required by the International Health Regulations

The Main risk Factors is that

WHO don’t know anything about it.
where it lives ?
How are people getting infected?
Is it from animals? Is it from contaminated surfaces?
Is it from other people?
don’t know how widespread is this virus, both in this region and in other countries.

A decade ago hundreds of people were killed by severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)and This New Novel coronavirus(nCoV) virus is from same family so it can make more troubles.

Government of Saudi Arabia has taken the novel coronavirus situation very seriously.The Ministry of Health has initiated crucial public health actions — including intensifying surveillance, initiating investigations and important research and putting control measures in place.

According to Latest report from BBC

Tunisia’s health ministry said the 66-year-old had visited Saudi Arabia, which is badly affected by the virus.It is believed to be the first such case in Africa.

 Twenty-two of the 41 cases reported worldwide are in Saudi Arabia, it adds.

Out of the 20 deaths, nine of them have been in the kingdom, WHO says.