Oozham Malayalam movie review




Oozham Prithviraj sukumaran’s latest Malayalam movie hit in the Kerala theaters today.Oozham was one of the much awaited movie in the Onam movie list,mainly because of the dream duo Prithviraj Sukumaran and director Jeethu Joseph.Their last two movie was grand success so people expected a same pattern; unpredictability in storytelling  ,But if some one go for a same kind movie they will surely disappoint. Oozham is thriller movie but it’s a predictable movie,and also its plot was so old there are so many movies in the same genre,but the execution and thrilling climax are the key point and which makes the movie worthwhile to watch.

Most of the actors did their characters perfectly especially Balachandra Menon Prithviraj,Divya pillai and Neeraj Madhavan. There is so many movies in the same genre but still Oozham brings some expectation till the end that’s only because of the director Jeethu Joseph and he keeps that too.The way the revenge is going on and the thrilling climax both makes Oozham a watchable Movie