Oppam Malayalam Movie Review




The evergreen Success pair of Malayalam film industry Mohanlal and priyadarshan,their latest movie Oppam hit in Kerala theaters today,there were so many hit movies from this dream duo so people always expect something big.This time the expectation is worthwhile .Oppam is a brilliant thriller movie in all aspects and once again the legendary actor Mohanlal wonders his audience with his mesmerizing performance. Lal plays the role of a blind man with lot of love and mercy .

Priyadarshan himself scripted for the movie Oppam based on the story by Govind Vijayan.The character played by Mohanlal named Jayaraman appeared as s blind man but he is highly skilled man,has a high senses of smell, sound and also a trained martial artist (Kalarippayattu).Accidentally he is been part of some unusual events because of his helping mentality and mercy towards others .Which leads him a lot of trouble and also a role of a protector; a blind protector,and the following interesting and amazing events are the main plot of the movie.

This time Director Priyadarshan was so vigilant and tried his best to bring an amazing movie for the Kerala audience ,we can see that in entire movie.The casting was one of the big example. Oppam is a thriller movie but still Priyadarshan can’t lose his humor sense ,you have to see the movie to understand what i mean…The role played by couple of actors..you cant imagine how beautiful they are,which include Mohanlal,samuthirakkani,Mammukkoya Nedumudi venu ,Baby Meenakshi ,and siddique etc.

We can’t tell so much about the movie like other review writers because then you will lose the thrill of the movie,one thing is sure Oppam also brings us some unforgettable and so emotional scenes which tells the reality of life and truth in relationships in two different manner,We always value blood relations but it always may not to be correct.Watch carefully you will realize it.   ‘Oppam’ is 100% watchable movie.and surely will became a grand success too.Congrats to Mohanlal , Priyadarshan and the entire team.