Prithviraj’s Big Budget Epic movie Syamanthakam played as Lord Krishna

Syamanthakam prithviraj



According to latest news after the epic movie Bahubali ,now another epic movie coming from south India and it’s from Malayalam film Industry.Legendary director Hariharan will direct this Big Budget epic movie.This is the first time Lord Krishna featured in a movie as an out and out hero.hero. Mollywood’s Young Super star Prithviraj will portray the role of Lord Krishna in silver screen.

The story is based on the epic Text Mahabharatha and the movie titled as Syamanthakam. Based on Mahabharatha Syamanthakam is the name of a very precious stone ,The Sun God (Sooryan) gives it as a gift to his best friend Sathrajith .But later this precious gift “Syamanthaka Mani” gets stolen and Lord Krishna becomes the suspect.Other major characters are include Rugmini,Satyabhama,Jambhavan and Balarama.In the Movie Syamanthakam Krishana will be seen as a warrior,Lover and Philosopher Casting of the movie is going on,

According to the director,It will complete it very soon and will finalize the crew as soon as possible.“The film was on my mind even before Pazhassi Raja, but in those days you would not have been able to find producers willing to shell out so much money on a Malayalam film, as the number of theaters you had at your disposal to screen a Malayalam movie was limited. Things have changed now. Now you can release your film globally,” Harijaran Said.This is one of his dream project and he plans to do this movie long time before even before his Historic movie Pazasi Raja.But getting a suitable producer for such a big movie is the Hard Task,Gokulan gopalan Will Produce this epic Movie Syamanthakam under the banner of Sree Gokulam Movies.

Syamanthakam will be a Multilingual Movie.The film will be made in Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil,and they planning to release the movie globally.Oscar winner Rasool Pookkutty will design the sound for the movie , and the movie features many prominent figures from Indian Cinema.