‘Ram Sethu’ issue Center take shocking decision and inform to Supreme court


Today Center told Supreme court that “Ram Sethu”, the mythical bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka, will not be drilled or damaged “in the interests of the nation”.Ram Sethu also known as Adam’s Bridge is a long limestone shoals that runs from Pamban Island near Rameshwaram in India to Mannar Island off the northern coast of Sri Lanka.Accordig to Hindu Mythology Ram Sethu was Built by Lord Rama with the help of Monkey army for Rescuing his wife Sita from Ravana.

Government earlier announces Sethu Samudram Canal Project a Shipping channel between India and srilanka .As per earlier plans Its a must that The so called Ram sethu must drilled but it will create lot of troubles among the Hindu’s so Government took a decision that they will look for alternative  route for Sethusamudram Kanal Project