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According to latest reports a  rumour about Deepika and Ranveer wedding. As per latest reports this celebrity pair  Deepika and Ranveer are preparing for a winter wedding.The Ram Leela co-stars are getting married on November 19 while their pre-wedding ceremonies will begin a day in advance.But Some earlier reports says that the marriage will be in July.But according to this new report Deepika’s Marriage will be in November 19 , 2018Deepika and Ranveer's wedding |

Deepika Ranveer Marriage Date is November 19 ,2018

According to Sources their marriage place will be in Switzerland .Recently Ranveer Secretly visited the place. That’s brings the curiosity again.Deep is 32 Year old now,and she is not yet signed any new projects so far after Padmavati.But Ranveer has handful of New Projectsdeepika and ranveer latest news Deepika Ranveer marriage news Deepika padukone wedding news wedding dates

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