Safe use ofYour Computer Hard Disk.Some important Tips for your data prevention


Hard Disk is one of the important and most useful part of a computer. Because all our important datas are stored in computer hard disk  because of this Hard disk is became an essential part .  Hard disk damages is became  one of the major problem in todays computer world.This is because of the lack of knowledge in computer usage.Here we provide some important points for the safe use of computer hard disk and that will surly prevent accidental data loss.

1. Always  turn off your computer in the proper way :Never try to use your computer if u dont have a ups or other power system having enough backup.Because if the power gone suddenly ;then your computer also  switch off suddenly(Not in a proper way).This will increase the chance of data loss,Hard disk damage,Mother board damage etc..

2. Always back up your important data.Keep a copy of your important data in any external device

3. Avoid data loss and program file corruption. Always exit Windows by shutting down properly. Avoid turning the power off with programs running

4. Do not move or jar the computer while it is on and the drive is running.

5. Allow adequate space around your computer to enhance cooling. Do not block the airflow around your computer.Never cover the cpu with any dust proof coverings having enough air holes. Excessive heat can cause drive failure and data corruption

6. Data compression schemes make it more difficult to recover data in the event of a drive failure. If you use compression – be sure to backup your data.

7. While working with your programs – use the “Save” option frequently. The more recent the last “save” the less work you will have to redo in the event of a system failure or lockup.

8.BACK UP DATA REGULARLY.Follow these guidelines properly you will surely escape from accidential data loss