Sai Pallavi (Malar’s ) Viral Facebook post related to Premam movie issue


Sai Pallavi Malar viral facebook postsai-pallavi's-viral-facebook-post sai-pallavi's-viral-facebook-post-2 sai-pallavi's-viral-facebook-post-3Here is Her Full Post
[quote_box_center]I’m writing dis out of pain.. I’ve never posted anything like dis before n i hope I never have to again… May be it’s becoz I’m running a 103degree fever for d past 3 days dat I’m all emotional … 
I’m here at dubai for d inauguration of a free medical camp for d hard workers who r forced to stay here, far away Frm family.. I wanted to be happy seeing the happiness on their face.. I knw dis is selfish..Der was a press meet yesterday n a fine gentleman asked me ” wat do u think abt d incident wer college students got drunk n ran over a gal” n i said ” all of us are gifted wid something called a conscience.. V knw wat is right n wat is wrong… V don see terrorists in a movie n become terrorists.. V don see rapists n turn into rapists… It depends on d way u look at it… V r nt monkeys to imitate everything v see on d screen.. I had soo many who came up to me n hugged me n said dat Dey felt soo confident abt themselves aft seeing me on screen.. Dey cud flaunt their pimples.. N loved themselves more… d movie was made to give d ppl 3 hrs of happiness n for dem to leave the theatre wid a smile n I’m happy in saying dat it did make many happy… I feel extremely sad n sorry for wat had happened”
I wanted to share dis wid u coz dis morning my frnd sent me a post which I’ve shared below n asked if I was out of my mind to write dis n apparently dis comment hurt many … D media n press hav been soo loving towards dis newcomer, who is Frm a different state n d ppl hav adopted me to be a part of their family… But I request n plead n media n press ppl to Pls write d truth…N oly portray our true intentions.. May be d contents inside d link mite be different.. But ppl felt bad jus reading d headline.. I’ve seen dat most of the actors around d world hav had to face worser situations.. Though dey mite seem okay on d outside.. It does hurt dem… U mite be wondering y I had to write all dis… I think it is my responsibility… Coz dis love dat ppl hav showered on me is nt jus coz of my hard work… IT IS THE WHOLE TEAMS EFFORT N 1 YEARS HARD WORK… u ppl r d only source of communication between us n a million loving souls .. So kindly be gentle wen u write abt anyone for dat matter..
I’m really sorry for dis long post.. N I apologize if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings .. I jus wanna make ppl happy n be one of d reasons to bring a smile on their face..
Love u all