Send tweets Longer than 140 characters – record your desktop activities and upload them directly to YouTube


Many people find it very dificult to express their thoughts or share a view on twitter because of their charecter limits.If 140 charecters are not enough then what will we do ?if it is not enough for expressing  your thoughts or feelings then you should consider the twitter tools below

I have compiled a small list of powerful tools that will allow you to post longer tweets.It will will work fine that i am sure check it friends

List of tools that will aloow Longer Tweets

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1.Post tweets longer than 140 charectersTalltweets

[Tall Tweets will help you write tweets that are longer than 140 characters (see video demo). The tool will slice and publish your “long tweet” into smaller chunks of 140 characters or you can even publish the entire messages as an image. In either case, your Twitter followers will be able to read the entire message in their timeline itself.]Go to tall tweets and sign in with your existing twitter account and post tweets Longer than 140 charecters

2.Post tweets longer than 140 charectersRichtweets

[This is really great with This tool allows you to Create full HTML Tweets, with colors, images, videos and widgets]

Screen recording-screen casting online

It’s Very easy.Record your Desktop activities and share that videos files to YouTube or any other social networking sites.its very simple and easy

Screener’s web-based screen recorder make it a breeze to create and share your screen cast around the web

How to record your desktop activities :follow some simple steps

1.Take your browser and in the address bar type 

2.Then get  ready to start your recording

3.In the website’s home page you can see a record button(Red button) click that button.

4.Then wait for a few seconds .The recording frame automatically appears(May be it wont appear if you are not allowed to run java.There will be a small indications in the top of the browser and click the always allow button)

5.After the appearance of the recording frame adjust the frame size and click the start record button.

6.Press the’done’ button after completing the recording process.You can see social networking sites login button login with any of your existing social networking site’s account and then you can publish it .

7.It will take some time (Means uploading time)

8.After completing your uploading process you can share this video to YouTube or you can embed it into any website etc