How to Set up Trusted contacts in Facebook


Trusted Contacts Amazing Facebook security feature

Facebook introduced “Trusted contacts” a new account recovery features few months back.This is the redesigned version of ‘Trusted friends’ feature that introduced in 2011.This trusted friend feature lets your friends to help you if you’re having trouble logging into your account. But now this improved version help you to tighten your facebook security more effectively

What is Trusted contacts and How to set up trusted contacts

In trusted contact feature you can add 3 to five friends to your trusted contact list this friends can help you when you have any trouble while accessing your account.But always remember some important points before adding friends to the trusted contacts

.Just like the feature name only add people who are very close to you someone very trusted to you.According to facebook’s official explanation

To select good trusted contacts

1.Choose people you trust, like friends you’d give a spare key to your house.
2. Choose people you can reach without using Facebook, ideally over the phone or in person,    since you’ll need to contact them when you can’t log in.

To set up Trusted Contacts.

Facebook security feature

First go the security settings in your facebook accounts..
for this Open your facebook account then click on the Gear icon at the top right corner of your facebook account then select account settings.In account settings window selects the Security tab.

Facebook security feature-Trusted contacts

Then select the Trusted Contacts -then add your trusted contacts in it.After completing the set up process facebook will notify the people we added in our trusted contacts list thus they can be ready to help you if you ever need their help.

 Trusted contacts-Facebook security feature

How to use This trusted Contacts to gain your locked account or the time when all the normal 
password recovering feature fails.

Trusted contacts n facebook-How to use up trusted contacts

In such occasions call your trusted contacts (minimum three person) and tell them to ready
to help you.Then Do the following steps.
1.Click the forgot password link.

2.enter any of the below information
( Email, Phone, Username or Full Name)

3.Then click on the search button

4.if you enter correct information you can find your account then confirm it

5.In this step you can find the normal possible ways of recovering your password,but in our
case this feature is no longer works, then select the link “No longer have access to these?”

6.In this step you will find a small form asking for a new email id through this facebook
can send you the messages about recovering your account.(Note that this Email address is not
associated with any existing facebook account)

Trusted contacts-how tighten facebook security features

7.In Here you need to enter some important information (1) you need to reveal your trusted        contacts for this click the button “Reveal My Trusted Contacts” ,then type one of your trusted    contacts name for displaying the rest.after that call them for help then tell them to visit this link
Trusted contacts-Facebook security feature

Trusted contacts-Facebook security feature-How to set up trusted contacts

There he will get the information about his job.there he can see a confirmation page that regarding to your identity,he needs to confirm it by clicking the first radio symbol.Then the security code appears.

How to use trusted contacts in facebook

8.After receiving all the three codes from your trusted contacts enter it in the boxes.Then click the  continue button,there you can see the password resetting options,Enter a strong password.

For creating strong password read this.