Shankar’s New Film ‘I'(‘Manoharudu’in telugu).The main role is doing by Vikram and Amy Jackson

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Shankar’s New Film ‘Manoharudu'(Ai ) is ready for shooting the main role is doing by Vikram ,Budget is 140 crore.Produced by Aascar Ravichandran.Amy Jackson’s is the heroin in this film and music composed by AR Rahman’s, Cinematography handled by PC Sriram.Here you can see very young Vikram ,for this film he decreases his body weight about 22 kg for this film. Manoharudu (Ai (I) in Tamil) In Tamil ‘I’ means beauty, king,etc while Manoharudu means handsome guy.. Chiyam Vikram is very popular for doing different getup in one film,here he makes a shocking change over that he will appear in 12 different getup’s.In Manoharudu Shankar make a script for Vikram to do his maximum acting ability.[tab:CAST &CREW]

Cast and Crew

Directed by – S. Shankar
Produced by – Venu Ravichandran
Written by S.Shankar
Amy Jackson
Suresh Gopi
Upen Patel
Music by- A. R. Rahman
Cinematography – P. C. Sreeram
Editing by – Anthony
Studio Aascar Films
Distributed by – Venu Ravichandran
Release dates 
11 April 2014
Budget INR 145 crore (US$22 million)

It is most likely to release worldwide in at least 17 languages, in 2014.


 ‘I’ Theatrical Trailer (Tamil)

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I movie First official Teaser


 Amy jackson hot photo gallery-vikram’s ai movie latest photo gallery 

hot Amy jackson hot photo gallery-vikram's ai movie latest photo gallery


I movie Review.

What to say ohh Awesome ...ohh am forgotten,I am writing a review ,The First sentence is my personal opinion.But one thing i would like to tell you seriously that you must see the movie ‘ I ‘.

When we come to discuss about the movie seriously am redirected to a review writer or a critic’s role.But Don’t expect the normal writing style of other review writers because they all are trying to kill the movie,after reading such review people hate the movie totally,but may be that will be a nice movie according to that particular reader.

In the case of the Movie I ,review writing is too tough because i don’t like to spoil your entertainment and suspense by giving more signs of the movie,and am personally not interested to do so.‘I’ is a visual treat and a combination of brilliant scripting Direction and Fantastic acting.The Word I which is the key point of the movie and it has a meaning that is Beauty. The word is comes from traditional Tamil Language .In it I means Beauty.The movie tells lot about Beauty may be it is about Beauty.But the same word (I) used many place with different meaning that is the suspense.Director Shankar did a great job, excellent locations great camera works and amazing Graphics. Many news floods around about actor suresh Gopi’s Character,He is done his job perfectly,he is one of the important factor of the movie and key point to change the story into further level.Director shankar succeeded to fails viewers prediction about the story of the movie. because when we saw Bodybuilders and know it’s a science fiction movie we thought this movie is something about bodybuilding.No absolutely not. ATHUKKUM MELAE …ya ofcourse.Visual effects has much improved in indian films I movie is one of the best example.

When we talk about Actors . Vikram the Lead actor(Linkeshan or Li) Amazing performance ,and one thing is very important that his character is really challenging,great hard work is needed to succeed it,he done quite superbly.Vikram appearing in four different styles in this movie I,and each role is really challenging . Amy Jackson the cute Hot and sexy girl she is a British Model. She made her acting debut in tamil movie ‘Madrasapattinam‘ .She is the leading actress of the Movie I . Like her real life profession she is a Model in the movie too,and Vikram is a normal man who is always crazy about two things BodyBuilding and DIYA (Amy Jackson). she is a model. By simply saying this is a romantic thriller.Suresh Gopi plays the role of a Docter, who is the member of Linkeshan’s (Vikram) Gym named Arnold and great supporter of vikram,and also a caretaker of Diya too. Just like other movie; in this movie there is love ,there is pain,there is revenge.These things are usual But in Shakar’s I ,Intensity of these feelings are much high.The director fully succeeded in presenting it beautifully .The way of presentation is really thrilling . Amy Jackson is really hot in this movie initially we may feel little confusing and may be think,  is it viewable with family , but it’s ok in the ongoing scenes, But if you are so much conservative then what to say…!! and also ,we think I means Beauty ,ohh its all about beauty and beautiful people. Hey don’t think like that. It gives a great message too; and it is also about beauty.

Finally I would like to Say ‘I’ is really I

Important note: Please Don’t try to here the story or any part of the movie , don’t ask anything about it before seeing it,because it is a suspense thriller and really romantic. If you hear anything related to its story,then there is chances to loose the trill.(Don’t read sadist people’s review) Select better theater for better experience.



Shankar’s Latest tamil movie i (Ai) actress Amy jackson hot photos

Latest tamil movie i actress amy jackson hoto photos

Latest tamil movie i actress amy jackson hoto photos

Latest tamil movie i actress amy jackson hoto photos