Skipping breakfast may be healthy way to shed weight


Shed your weight in a healthy way .people  are trying to lose weight at any given time.They do many kinds of exercises,ya  Exercise is key to most weight loss plans because it helps you burn more calories, and more calories burned equals more pounds lost.But what if you hate exercise or what if you dont have time then how its possile.Ya now ther is a way ,very easy but the same time little risky, in another way it need patient to suffer hunger, also remember some important points. Read the article below very carefully .Always remember one thing this is not any kind of health tips this is only a news from a research conducted by a reputed university. so follow this at your own risk
Scientist from cornell university nutritional dept found that skipping breakfast may be a health way to shed weight .scientist report that if you skip breakfast, don’t worry about overeating at lunch or the rest of the day because ther is a fundamental belief that  if you dont eat break fast  you will compensate for the lost calories at lunch or later in the day.but now this fundemental belief went wrong with this new study We’ve found that there is no caloric compensation in a normal group of eaters,” said study senior author David Levitsky, Cornell professor of nutritional sciences and of psychology. “If you skip breakfast, you may be hungrier, but you won’t eat enough calories to make up for the lost breakfast.”As a result your total daily caloric intake will decrease.
The scientist conducted a study  from a group of  volunteers half of them  are regular breakfast eaters and another half who regularly skipped breakfast They observed how much the participants ate the rest of the day. Although the breakfast skippers were hungrier than the breakfast eaters, they did not eat more at lunch or at any other eating occasion. In fact, by the end of the day, the breakfast skippers consumed an average of 408 fewer calories.
The Cornell researchers challenge the common belief that eating breakfast daily is essential for weight management. People who skip breakfast consume fewer calories and may reap health benefits by eating less.
according to the researchers people getting fatter because they consume more calories than they use. Consequently, under eating at one meal does not result in overeating at the next.This also means that if we overeat at a meal we won’t automatically reduce our intake at the next.
Researchers also said that breakfast is an important meal for weight management but this result only apply to health adults.if you’re diabetic or hypoglycemic, for example, you need to eat breakfast to maintain glucose levels never follow this rule the lead scientist Levitsky said.”But generally, we must learn to eat less and occasionally skipping breakfast may be a reasonable way to accomplish this.”
[quote_left] SCIENTIST SUPPORT THIS PARTICULAR HABIT ONLY FOR HEALTHY PEOPLE IF YOU ARE diabetic or hypoglycemic, for example, you need to eat breakfast to maintain glucose levels OR YOU HAVE ANY KIND OF DISEASE NEVER TRY TO FOLLOW THIS [/quote_left]