Software Data Cable new Android file transferring application

software data cable

Software Data Cable eliminate the need of USB data cable.Connect and share everything among phones, tablets, PC, MAC, Laptop, Google TV, Cloud storage, Xbox

Software datacable an amazing file transfer application that will transfer files through your local Wi-Fi network and very easy secure fast and no data plan impact.With this amazing  application you can share files with your Pc,phone ,MAC, Laptop, Google TV, Cloud storage, Xbox etc.and it has an excellent data transfer speed up to 54 Mb/s

With this application ..You can

1.Synchronize data with computer without data using cable can send files to your computer without USB data cable and vice versa,for doing this there is no need for external     network support

3.Send data with other Android devices (direct push)

4.Auto sync folders on phone to computer to backup data

5.Data sharing happens in private (local) WIFI network Data transfer speed up to 54Mb/s

Download Software Data Cable

How to connect and share files from your phones to your computer using Software data cable Android app

1.Open the software data cable app then select the sync PC button.

2.Then select the start button from the bottom left corner

3.Then you can see an address appear in the app window

4.Then open your internet explorer in your PC then type this address just like a web address

5.Thus you can see all the phone files photos,documents,music everything in your phone and you can copy or paste or anything you want to do.

(II)How to connect and share files from your android device to another one (Your android phone to another android phone)

Follow the Connection process

 how to use software data cable  android apps


How to use Software data cable file transfer app

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1. For this you have to select the sync phone button at the top middle of your app window

2.Then select the connect with friends button

3.Then you can see a new window having two button select the first one “Create a direct push Network”

4.Then take the other phone and follow the 1 and 2 steps and select “connect with friends” button

5.Thus you can see a new window having two button and select the second button “Join direct Push network”

6.After that the phone automatically searching for other network and show the available one below.

7.Then select the found network and again press yes at the same time you can see a notification in the first phone and accept it

8.Thus the two phone are connected and you can easily share files by selecting the storage button and select the desired files like documents images music etc then select the particular file then a new window appear select the direct push instantly your file transfer done

The same way you can also share files through this app software data cable by selecting the my apps tab and select the desired app and select the direct push button from the pop up window and instantly it transferred to the connected device and you can instal it for this select the received file and select the open with button and after that select the install app button.(there may be security warning according to your security settings-The general warnings can easily overcome for this follow this step that is go to the settings and select the unknown resources option then ok after that you can install the apps easily)