Stay friendly with your neighbors – It could lower your risk of stroke !





Today we discuss about one of the amazing research conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan.The study shows that how a friendly relationship with our neighbour help to lower the risk of shows that adults over the age of 50 who live in a good neighborhood with trustworthy people lowered their risk of stroke up to 48 percent.According to the researchers Such a trusty relation with your neighbors will help to prevent the effects of negative psychological factors—such as depression and anxiety.This research is among the first studies to examine how a positive neighborhood assets might enhance good health.

Past studies are majorly looked up on the neighborhood’s physical environment,and it’s association with health,example number of fast food restaurants in an area something like that. But in this study the major factor is the social environment and its influences.Researchers used the data from nationally representative sample of 6,740 adults over the age of 50 Participants, who had never suffered a stroke.researchers asked the participants to indicate the degree of trust in their neighborhood, with higher scores indicating more cohesion with neighbors and indicated some of the information on chronic illnesses (high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes) .After the four-year follow-up ,265 respondents had a stroke during this time(46 fatal, 219 nonfatal).But finally the research indicated that higher perceived neighborhood relationship was associated with lower risk of stroke .

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