Sunny Leone’s ads and songs rises rape in India – CPI leader and Rakhi Sawant


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Lat Update : – 2015-10-06 – 2:29:13 PM


Sunny Leone’s ads and songs rises rape in India – CPI leader and Rakhi Sawant

 Sunny Leone's condom ad rising rape in India :CPI leader
Recently Cpi Leader Atul Anjan made a controversial Statement after seeing Bollywood actress Sunny Leone’s Condom ad,He stated that her ad rises rape case in the country.He also stated that Condom should not be advertised .Atul anjaan says that a women named sunny leone she has worked in many bad films before entering into Bollywood film industry through director Mahesh Bhutt’s movie, and she came India from Australia.The Amazing fact is that the leader also says that he watched one of her such movie,for the first time in his life , and he says it was so horrible and pathetic to seen.The another interesting fact is Sunny’s reply to Atul Anjaan . Sunny tweeted that “SAD When People of power waste their time and energy on me instead of focusing on helping those who need”. Bollywood actresses like Shilpa Shetty and other came to support Sunny Leone for this matter.rakhi-saavanth-against-sunny-leone

This is not the first time actress Sunny Leone facing these type of comments.Earlier Sreerama sena(A Religious organization) Leader Pramod Muthalik is also stated that the It is a must that the actress should be deported back to Australia.

According to latest news , Once again Bollywood’s another  actress Rakhi Saavanth joins the opposite party,She criticized sunny Leone in a very Hard manner.According to her, Sunny’s Hot songs leads people to do rape.She also demands that the actress should be banned in india.This is not the first time Rakhi Saavanth accusing Sunny Leone. Earlier Rakhi publicly stated that Sunny Leone must wear the dress while performing,Now she saying that some of her ads and songs leads men to do criminal activity like raping and attacking women