Suresh Gopi’s new movie The state – filming paused because of his religious belief

suresh gopi's movie the state shooting paused


According to latest news actor suresh gopi’s latest movie The state’s filming paused. The movie the state is about the controversial subject that exploring the solar scam.Director shaji kailas admits that th shoot of the film has been halted because actor Suresh gopi refused to join the shooting set for a month mainly because of his belifs.

According to director Shaji Kailas Suresh gopi told him that he doesn’t want to film during the Malayalam month of kanni (Sept 17- Oct 14).That month is not suitable for starting a Project.It is known that he also tried to stop the shooting of his son Gokul Suresh’s Ddebut movie Muthugou and he told the producers to hold the pooja and shooting till on September 16 the last day of Chingam

According to the director there is another 24 days of shoot is left.he also says that “It’s a time-bound political subject so it’s essential that it reaches the theatres before it becomes irrelevant,”.laterly the director shaji kailas Suresh Gopi and Mammotty starrer movie King and commissioner was also delayed by a year mainly due to the conflict between the actors.