These Ten movies are banned or Censored in India 2015



10Unfreedom  – Banned in India

Un-Freedom is a movie directed by RAJ AMIT KUMAR.The main reason for this movie get banned from India is beause of it’s theme,It’s Homosexual content,Indian laws are against homosexuality and also it includes religious fundamentalism. 


If you are planning to make a film in India,there are lot of things yo have to know about that,firstly you have the minimum understanding of this country’s cultural and religious beliefs  ,unless your movie will get banned (CBFC) Central Board of Film Certification will ordered to cut your movies most important parts or they will ban your entire movie unless you take serious precautions.Make sure your movie scenes don’t have obscenity,over sexuality,homosexuality,religious remarks.This list shows 10 movies which includes Hollywood movies too which are banned or censored by Indian Censor board in 2015 .movies which are banned in india. List of movies banned or censored in india