The World’s Highest-Paid Actresses 2015


Here is the list of World’s Highest paid actresses, these list is based on money earned from june 2014 to june 2015.actress-highest-paidd
18 Natalie PortmanNatalie-PortmanNatalie Portman is the eightieth highest paid actress in forbes list earned almost 6 million us dollar during the period of June 2014 to june 2015 around 396450000 Indian Rupee  .She is  a Jewish by birth born on June 9, 1981 (age 34), but she has a dual citizen ship which includes both American and Israeli citizenship.Her Father is an Israeli and her mother is an American woman. In addition to the talent in acting she shows her talent in directing and producing movies.1994 action thriller movie  Léon: The Professional was her first movie.Her first film as a director is  A Tale of Love and Darkness, which was released in 2015,and the  movie released in Hebrew language.She got one Academy award and two golden globe awards$6 million (396450000 Indian Rupee aprox)
17 Mila KunisThe-World's-Highest-Paid-Ac