Tips for Developing a website that compatible for Google Adsense

google adsense for websites

I already described too much about Google Adsense. So I thought there is no demand for an introduction. But if you can’t take my earlier articles about Adsense read it here Today is going to describe how we create a website that compatible for Google Adsense revenue earning program. If you are seriously interested to became an Adsense publisher follow the below important key points.

There are lot of free and open source software programs for making a website, But when we create a website looking for Adsense revenue earning program.. We bear to concentrate some very significant points. If one sticks to these stages in the journey,It will become more comfortable.

1.You must have access to edit the HTML source code of each of the web pages where you’d like the ads to be displayed, because once your web site is approved by the Google Adsense team you have to implement javascript code for different sizes of advertisements in different places in your web pages. It does not mean you must need too much experience in Web development. But you need basic knowledge

2.The main website files mustn’t be in a subfolder, that implies the root directory of your website should be – subdirectory allowed, e.g.’.Its against Adsense policies. But you can add subdomains, for example –

3.At the designing time please try to avoid any type of copyrighted images and other data from external sites.

4.Attempt to get a Domain name that is very connected to your website content or which
subject your website or blog represent.

5.Another important point is the domain name and hosting purchase.

How to create a wte for google adsense

Becoming a successful Adsense publisher their is a long way to go. so it is very important to make decisions about your website domain name and hosting plans. There it needs a little money, but not too much. But if you don’t have so much money to put in it, then a good recommendation is to start a free blog with google blogger. But if you decided to stick with a customized domain name ,then make sure these things

(i) The ownership of the domain name plays a key role in Adsense .Register the domain name using your own details

(ii) In some countries google take necessary actions against spamming, in those countries the website should be live          for a long 6 months.Especially in India, Pakistan etc.So if you are from those countries follow this rule that create          your website and wait for the time period recommended by google and then apply.

6.Another important thing is configure your website for all screens.That means create a website compatible for multiple    devices with different Screen resolution.

According to Google adsense team’s latest guide ‘Building Websites for the Multi-Screen Consumer’ “Whatever configuration you choose, as an underlying principle we strongly recommend that you serve all your sites from a single domain, like .don’t put your mobile site on a separate domain, like”