Top 10 Indian Lesbian Movies Which will became most controversial films later


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1Randu Penkuttikal (1978) (Malayalam Lesbian Movies)

Randu Penkuttikal may be the first Indian movie which was made based on a Lesbian theme.This movie is based in VT Nandakumar’s same title novel ‘Randu Penkuttikal’ orginally published in 1974.This novel considered as the first lesbian Novel in Indian Literature.At that time The word Homosexuality was hardly heard of .Randu Penkuttikal was directed by Mohan ,Recently he revealed a shocking fact in an interview that he never read the novel Randu Penkuttikal on which the film adaptation was really based on. He managed to make this movie only by reading three or four parts of it in serialized version in a magazine.This movie tells the passionate story between two young girls named Kokila(Shobha) and Girija(Anupama Mohan)


Here is the top 12 Indian Lesbian movies which rises lot of controversies before and after its release,Some of them are banned or censored by Indian Censor board.See the list