Top 10 Most viewed youTube Videos in the world

Top 10 youtube videos ever

most popular youtube videos

Here is the list of  the top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos ever and also Top Trending Videos of 2013 

1. Gangnam Style 2. Baby 3. On the Floor 4.Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!  5 .Love the Way You Lie 6. Party Rock Anthem 7. Gentleman 8. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)  9. Wrecking Ball 10. Bad Romance

1. Gangnam StyleUploaded on July 15, 2012
Total Viwers (As of July 8 ,2014)- 2,033,607,767

By Psy

Gangnam Style- Korean pop star Psy Published and uploaded a musical video album on youtube on July 15 2012,but he never think it will become a worldwide hit.Now Gangnam style reaches 2 billion youtube Views.Psy make this album after a long interval now Gangnam Style became the first YouTube video to be watched more than two billion times.Now Psy and his team waiting for announcement from Guinness officials for a new Guinness world record.

Gangnam Style is a Korean wordbut not accepted asword inofficial language it refers to the life style of a particular place in korea exactly Gangnam District of Seoul,in Korea.In Gangnnam style Psy tried to use some cheesy animal inspired dance movement like Panda and Kanaroo moves,and another great movement is horse trot which involves pretending to ride a horse.Psy mainly made this video music album for local korean pop music loversbut it became popular all over the world.Psy is the first asian singer to break into the mainstream of American music industry.The special attraction of psy‘s Gangnam style is its verity music and special dance movements