Trisha Says Living together is better than marriage.

Trisha Says Living together is better than marriage.

Recently South Indian actress the gorgeous Thrisha Krishnan Expressed her opinion about the relationship in both Marriage  and Living together .

Thrisha Recently says that”Live-in relationship is every individual’s choice. If two persons and their respective families are fine with the idea of living together, I really don’t think there should be any problem. I strongly feel it’s better to be in a live-in relationship and part ways if things don’t work out than get married and get divorced if things fall apart,” ,The Times of India ReportedTrisha about living toOn January 23 2015 Trisha got engaged to entrepreneur-producer Varun Mania,they are in a relationship for a while but after few moths Trisha announced that she had called off her engagement with Varun .The reason behind the separation is unknown and Trisha hesitate to reveal it.

According to Trisha Live in Relationship is more comfortable than Marriage relations because it has the freedom to express each ones interest.Live in relationships is a choice of individual. if the families of both persons accepted it it will be more happier than anything else.If things not worked fine the persons have the freedome to part ways. But in marriage there are so many hurdles,Court Divorce,so many procedures ,Its all time consuming.She added one more point that she is still not against the marriages.She is also stated that marriage hasn’t any time limit,if she find the right person and if love happens between them, then definitely she will get married.

Actress Trisha already completed 48 movies and many of them are super hit .Now she has two big projects coming near future.Filmmaker Sundar c’s Aranmanai 2 and Ulaganaayakan Kamalahaasan’s Thoongaavanam,One of them will became her 50th movie.