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Veeram Malayalam Movie preview trailer

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Veeram Malayalamm movie posterveeram movie Poster


veeram movie Poster

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veeram movie Poster


Movie – Veeram is an upcoming epic historic drama film written and directed by veteran film maker Jayaraj.The movie veeram is an adaptation of shakeaspear’s famous play Macbeth,the movie also take inspiration from Vadakkan Pattukal. of North Malabar region in South India .which tells the story of a great warriar   Chandu Chekavar Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor playing the lead role as CHandu Chekavar.Veeram is simultaneously made in three languages,Malayalam,Hindi and English.

Veeram has ensemble cast which includes Kunal Kapoor as Chandu Chekaver ,Shivajith Nambiar as Aromal Chekaver ,Himarsha Venkatsamy as Unniyarcha ,Divina Thakur as Kuttimani,Aaran as Aringodar Chekaver

Starring: Kunal Kapoor Himarsha venkatsamy.
Genre: Epic Historic Drama
Direction: Jayaraj
Release Date: 2016
Budget 20 crore