Vikram’s Historical film ‘Karikalan’.


Karikalan Tamil movie news in malayalam
Karikalan” is an upcoming Tamil historical action movie .  Chiyyan Vikram plays the lead role. ‘I’ is his last movie ,and it was a grand success. Karikalan is an epic movie . Zarine Khan is his female counterpart. Zarine Khan and Anjali sharing prominent roles in the film with vikram.Director LI Kannan Was started the direction of the movie but later he replaced with AR Gandhikrishna .A.R Gandhikrishna wrote the script of this historical  film ‘Karikalan’. ‘The Movie Karikalan’ tells the story Karikala Chola ,a great Tamil king  during 320 BC in Chola Dynasty .  GV Prakash composes the music for the film Karikalan ,he already composed two beautiful  songs for this historical film.

The music director of the film GV Prakash has tweeted “The historical epic ‘Karikalan‘ revives back from March with Chiyaan Vikram. Starting composing for karikalan in a week. Already had finished 2 songs.”

Major part of this movie is shot using visual effects, .Karikalan is actually a historical movie because of that the re creation of the Era that Karikalan  was lived is very important.It will be a real tough competition for the visual effect artists to re creat that particular period.Chiyyan Vikram always trying to do challenging roles.This will be a right choice for him.The Release date of the movie is not yet confirmed

Vikram’s Karikalan Movie Trailer

Cast & Crew of  TamilMovie karikalan

Directed by AR Gandhikrishna
Produced by  SS Vasan and S Parthiban
Written by AR Gandhikrishna
Vikram -Zarine Khan,Anjali,Pashupathi
Music by GV Prakash
Cinematography –
Production company –Silver Line Film Factory
Release dates may be August first week
Country – India
Language – Tamil


Story of the movie ‘Karikalan’

This is a historical film titled ‘Karikalan’ based on a famous Tamil king of chozhas who ruled long ago during the sangam ages.The movie tells the story of a Legend who is a chola king lived in around 320BC. Zarine Khan doing the role of a Greek Princes who falls in love with Karikala Chola (Karikala Choza).How he became the Savior of cholas ? How  a King became a one man army ? How he became the friend of Rebel ?How a Greek Pricess Fall in love with hime ?,How he fought alone against a mighty army ?. So many unanswered questions ? See the Real Ancient History in Silver screen,wait for the Big Bang From Chiyaan Vikram and  AR Gandhikrishna