Viraat Ramayan Mandir-The largest Hindu temple in the world, larger than even Angkor Wat temple


Viraat Ramayan Mandir will be the Largest Hindu temple in the world very soon.Now Cambodia’s Angor wat temple taken the position but very soon it will replace to Viraat Ramayan Mandir in India.This Virat Ramayan Mandirwould be nearly double the height of Angor wat temple in Cambodia.

Largest hindu temple in the world Viraat Ramayan Mandir

Viraat Ramayan Mandir will be 2600 ft. in length,1400 ft. in width and 405 ft. in height,and it is located at Janaki Nagar near Kesaria in North Bihar,India.This will be a Historic temple of Lord Sreeram,and Sita.The main temple consisting of Great statues of Sreeram,Sita and their Twin Sons Lava and Kusha and Valmiki,and having the height of around 66 ft.The main temple has a huge space for worshiping deities with will have a sitting capacity of 20 thousand devotees at one time.Its located at a distance of 120km from Patna and 60 km from Vaishali(A historic City ).

Some Amazing factors about the temple.

The largest Hindu temple in the world-Viraat Ramayan Mandir

1.This large temple will spread over 200 acres

2.Viraat Ramayan Mandir will be 2600 ft. in length,1400 ft. in width and 405 ft

3.The main temple layer will have a sitting capacity of 20 thousand devotees at a time

4.Mainly Virat Ramayan Mandir is really a temple complex ,It includes 18 temples having High spires.

5.The Siva temple will comprises the world’s largest Shiva Lingam ,and also it has a speciality that ie it is placed in a special manner so devotees can easily offer water, milk, etc to the deity.

6. The cost of the new project Viraat Ramayan Mandir will be around Rs. 500 crore

7.In addition to the spiritual peace the temple trust donates Rs 1 crore every year for the treatment of poor patients in Cancer and other hospitals run by the temple trust.

8.All major incidents of Ramayan will be presented in the temple premises either in the sanctum sanctorum or in the galleries which will have the electronic gadgets brought from Spain for the purpose.

9. The previously decided Name is Viraat Angkor Wat Ram Mandir but for considering the sentiments of the Cambodian people ,and also to highlighting the importance of eternal epic Ramayan the name changed to Viraat Ramayan Mandir

The temple construction is in progress, soon it will be completed..  Then India will be the country having one more historic wonder “The Largest Hindu Temple In the World” – “VIRAAT RAMAYAN MANDIR”.According to sources the temple work will complete within seven year.The  work is started on December 2013.The temple is being built by a Patna-based religious organisation, the Hanuman Mandir Trust.