Walking may help to reduce breast cancer risk

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walking may reduce Breast Cancer riskRegular walking lowers breast cancer riskRegular Walking may help to reduce Breast Cancer Risk

A stunning study conducted by American cancer society researchers found some important information about breast cancer in women.Recently American cancer society researchers conducted a cancer prevention study for this study they closely watch the activities of around 73000 postmenopausal women for a period of seventeen years.During this time around 6% women developed Breast Cancer.Then the Researchers began to searching there will be any relation between the physical activities and Development of breast cancer in these women,and the researchers found that the women they are engaged in regular physical activities had 25% reduced cancer risk as compared to the inactive women.

But the amazing factor is that around half of the women says walking was the only exercises they do.thus researchers found that women walked more than 7 hours a week had reduced the risk of cancer,estimated to be around 14% compared to those who walked three or less hours.

Note.The study does not prove exercise alone is directly responsible for the lowering of cancer possibilities there may be other lifestyle factors includes.More research is needed for that.