Water generation from air The WaterMill and watergen

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An Israeli water tech company Water-Gen developed a technique for creating drinking water from the air,through this technique we can create 1 liter water with cost 1.5 Rs.Now company  providing its technology to military units in seven nations including the U.S. Water Gen’s create solar or electric powered water Generator.These amazing water Generator using its “GENius” heat exchanger technology to chill air and condense water vapor.Water-Gen’s Water Generator can produce between 10 and 20 gallons of fresh, cold, drinking water per day. It can place either on the ground or in vehicles.

The Generator’s air filtering Units facing outside and it extracts humidity from the air and it is dehumidified thus the toxins are removed from the air and after that this clean air enters the company’s unique heat exchanging system and it generate fresh drinking water.

Water from air,How to create water from air

2. The WaterMill

Element four a Canadian Technology company invented a new stunning products with an amazing technology that is this company always makes water generating products.Their new product is  The WaterMill® WM-200 .The WaterMill WM-200 leads the evolution of atmospheric water generators Engineered for simple installation, ease of use and maximum water generation from air, the WaterMill WM-200 provides clean and safe drinking water 24 hours a day in appropriate environments.This product convert air into fresh water .water mill provides clean fresh water for drinking and cooking .Ease of use and maximum water generation from air.A sustainable elegant appliance for your home      

Sources: elementfour.com
Image courtesy–elementfour.com