Web pages with too many ads above the fold is not a good SEO practice


Still now many Adsense publishers webmaster seo’s are not aware about many of Google’s important algorithm updates,(and also it is not an easy task to understand all those updates but some of it’s really important) .Some publishers  doing the same mistake again and again because of the lack of knowledge.Today i am discussion about an important algorithm update it is happened few years ago.Recently i visited few forums, and people discussing about the sudden drop of their search ranking and traffic,but completely unaware about the real reason behind that. While checking on their website ,i remembered something about one of google’s past algorithm update.Thus i decide to write an article about this issue. I know many of the web masters aware about this, but still many people doing the same mistake because they are not aware about the exact problem. I hope it may help them in some way.

I am talking about Google’s one of the past algorithm  updates that is Page layout algorithm updates. Placing Adsense ads at the top of the websites or above the fold of a web page is very good for getting decent revenue. Because such ads are easily visible for users without scrolling down on the pages. But many people take it as a chance ,and fill too many adsense ads at the top of the web page thus the main content of the webpage goes down.Users need to scroll down further more to see the actual content that they needed.This is too distracting for users,and there are chances for closing their browser tab quickly.

According to google They got so many complaints from different part of the world . when a user click on the search result for a particular content.It became very hard to found the main content because of the traffic of the ads. Thus google  decided to take serious action against such activities.

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If you have site with too many ads on the top of the page, then re think and take quick action, otherwise you will surely penalized,may be you are already penalized by Google’s “Page Layout” Algorithm.Then please remove ads from top of the page and make sure there are enough content on the top of the page (above the fold). initially google didn’t make any special too or application  for distinguishing above the fold.But now they provide a tool to check this,”Google AdSense – Above the Fold Tool“but it wont give any kind of instruction. With this you can distinguish above the fold of any particular Web page.For this copy the exact url of the page you want to check and paste it into the url field of the tool and press the ‘GO’ button.You can see a red line on the page with a message that is “Everything above is known as Above the fold” .The place aove that line is called above the fold and you can chack how you places you ad.is it ideal or not

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Don’t be over tensed,this algorithm wont affects all sites having ads above-the-fold to a normal degree,Adding ads on top is good of better revenue .but it will surely affects site’s having excessive ads on the top of page.If your website is in this category please make enough change,if your site’s affected by the algorithm update don’t worry redesign your web layout and place ad in proper places(not include too much in top) The page layout algorithm will automatically find the changes and re crawl your sites but make your you make the enough changes and cleared all the pages.In some cases it may be little time consuming for re crawling and processing the webpages that reflects the suitable layout changes.