In this videos Indian girls gave their answers that what category of sex videos they usually like to watch ,and you can see their amazing/Shocking responses.From this videos we can clearly understand one thing that, Now a days girls are as aware as any other guy about sex and different verities in it,and the medium that are available to show these content.Mainly because of the popularity of internet and social media gave so much help to guide them to these sources very easily

Some of us mainly guys may feels, this is a guilty “Ohh god girls see these things”,”ohh they are really bad”,Then what about us,ohh that’s normal we are boys and the society gave us the freedom and rights,right ?”,But i am strongly suggest that these are only because of our bad beliefs and the culture we follows from such a long time.We have to change and accept the reality and consider that girls/females/women are also have the freedom and right to express their feelings just like us.They are also human beings.All those so called cultural and civilized manners are the creation of those bad minds, who are always wish to see the females only under their shadows and they never allow them to get out from the shadows.