WhatsApp messenger security tips-How to block a contact in whatsapp for Android,iphone,windows phone,BlackBerry


Whatsapp messenger is an amazing messaging app .It is now become one of the leading messenger app in the world .This app will allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.This new WhatsApp messenger is a freely available application and now its available for iPhone ,Android ,Windows phone,BlackBerry and other mobile platforms.The attractive factor is that the usage of WhatsApp is completely free there is no cost for messages because WhatsApp used the same data plan that we used for email and web browsing

A WhatsApp user can create groups send images ,media files including video and audio etc .A messaging app that have so much amazing features wonderful and very useful but there is also have some disadvantages if don’t know some of the security features of WhatsApp Today am give some tips about the security features of whats app that will helps you to protect your privacy.

In WhatsApp our Phone contacts are our messaging partners literally if someone know our phone number and he can easily contact us through WhatsApp by adding our phone number to his phone’s contact list.so this feature will invite some unknown whatsApp friends to us right?.in such cases we have to know how to stop such friends . Some friends who already in our phone contact list, and we are not interested to letting them to visible us.For all these we have to know the usage of WhatsApp security features

Blocking of Unwanted contacts

1.How Block or Unblock a Whatsapp user from our WhatsApp list

In each mobile Platform the blocking operations are different

1 How to Block a contact in iPhone

In i Phone there are two methods effective method is used the normal method that is
Go to WhatsApp then go to the settings, in that select the chat settings, then select blocked

WhatsApp > Settings > Chat Settings > Blocked

How to Block a contact in iPhone

then there is a (+) button for adding new unwanted contacts to blocked list, and you can select your desired contacts and add them to blocked list and finally make sure that you tap the done button when you finished.

Another one is also important in this method when you get a message from someone who is not present in your phone contact list or some one you don’t know.In such cases use the block button which is displayed when you get a message from unknown contacts

2 How to Block a contact in Android Phones

For this open your WhatsApp and go to the chats screen then Tap the menu button
(Most of the devices the menu button is a physical button on your phone, its not visible in in the screen)
in some android versions like (Android 4.2)menu button will be available in the action bar-three vertical dots icon located in the top right of the screen also known that settings menu and select more

Whats app menubar positions in different Android phones

Whats app menubar positions in different Android phones

for blocking a particular contact open the whatsapp application, then select the contact you want to block then tap the three vertical dots icon located in the top right of the screen also known that settings menu and select more,and click block and confirm it.
(if you want to unblock some one the click the settings menu then select settings after that contact in this select blocked contacts ,here you can see the list of blocked contacts long-press the contact in the Blocked Contacts screen and select [Unblock]. )

Blocking methods in Windows phone ,blackBerry phones are coming soon..