Why Kattappa killed Baahubali Suspense revealed ?



Watch the video in which Dirctor Raja mouli says the reason, why kattappa killed  Baahubali

Baahubali India’s biggest motion picture directed by Legendary director Rajamouli is a Historic epic.In which Prabhaas doing the title role Baahubali.Rana Duggabatti Anushka shetty and Tamannaah, Satyaraj,Remyakrishanan are doing proinant role in the movie. Baahubali’s first part  Baahubali the Beginning is ended with an amazing suspense which fills excitement and questions in the mind of people who saw the movie,The question is that Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali.The first part concluded with the flash back story told by Kattappa to Siva Baahubali’s son.Kattappa reveal that he betrayed baahubali and killed him through betrayal.

Everyone who seen the movie is already known that Kattappa is a good character ,Then why he betrayed Baahubali. Kattappa is always loyal to the Mahishmathi kingdom and Simhasanam and he is also loyal to the queen Sivakami Devi (Character played by Remya Krishnan).Recently director Rajamouli interviewed by a Telugu Television channel ,then again the question arise from the crowed and the crew members of the movie as well that “Why Kattappa killed Baahubali”.Then the brilliant Rajamouli answered the question that Kattappa is loyal to the Kingdome and Sivakami devi but he is equally loyal to someone else to whom he killed Baahubali. He also state that audience can easily understand the person if they think it seriously..after a few moment the witty director says that he is the person to whom kattappa is equally loyal to Sivakami devi and Simhasanam.

This is a nice joke from the Director. but now the expectation and suspense went on high.Most of the peoples are not accepted it as a joke they began to think about the other person to whom Kattappa is more loyal.Whatever the brilliant director boost the expectation to a further level.

It is heard that Soon the wait will over .The sequel of Baahubali the Beginning  will arrive very soon . According to latest report the second part Baahubali :The Conclusion will be  released in January 2016.