We will not tolerate child abusing rapists-Anonymous the world’s largest hacktivists groups

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Anonymous is a loosely associated network of hacktivists.The group became known for a series of well-publicized hacks and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on government, religious, and corporate websites.Now this Hacktvists group involved in lot of social important issues and fight for justice .This is a good symbol according to us.Because when the governments and the law falls into the shadow of corruption then we must need a solution that can get rid of our laws from corruption and they will help us to get the justice.The latest message from anonymous came yesterday that is on May 27, 2013

In late February of this year, 19-year old Tyler Graham, of Weirton, West Virginia, was arrested for sexual abuse of a minor. The victim, the 2-year old daughter of Graham’s girlfriend, , was brutally sodomized and contracted a sexually transmitted disease, specifically venereal warts. Apparently the child’s mother believed the baby had diaper rash and took her to the pediatrician. The pediatrician promptly referred the child to a specialist who reported the matter to police. Extensive surgery was required to correct this case of -diaper rash-. The baby remained in the custody of her mother.

Anonymous became involved when a Hancock County Magistrate saw fit to release Graham on bond. On Saturday, March 2, the first oppinnocence rally was held on the steps of the Hancock County Courthouse in New Cumberland, West Virginia. Warmly welcomed by Hancock County Sheriff Ralph Fletcher and his Chief Deputy, approximately 60 Anonymous activists and concerned citizens braved bitterly cold weather to make their feelings known on this issue.

Less than a week after the rally, Graham was rearrested and his bond revoked for approaching too closely to the home of the victim. Anonymous was satisfied with this outcome and the operation entered a dormant stage. This has now changed dramatically.

Several days ago Graham was again released into the community. After waiving his right to a speedy trial, Graham was given a next appearance date of September 19,for a five long months this monster will walk freely among the good citizens of the Ohio Valley.Anonymous finds this unacceptable.

The worst thing is not end Anonymous has received multiple reports that the child’s mother continues to associate with the accused, Tyler Graham. Again.They demands an immediate review of Judge Gaughan’s decision to release Graham .They also demand immediate involvement of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources to determine the safety of the child in her current surroundings.

Anonymous warns the government officials take necessary action against such cases.Because their reactions is not like the ordinary way all the countries and gov.officials knows about it because they starts cyber wars against the particular country so the necessary action will surely takes with in no time.